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Seattle Transit Blog: Bills to Watch

By Erica C. Barnett February 2, 2011

Seattle Transit Blog has a fairly comprehensive look at the major transportation-related bills in front of the state legislature this year, zooming in on one especially alarming proposal by Senate Transportation Committee chair Mary Margaret Haugen that would limit the use of tolls to "highway purposes"---the same restriction that applies to the gas tax. The bill would enshrine in law the argument that tolls shouldn't be used to fund things like transit (e.g. light rail on I-90).

As STB puts it, "If there is any bill you should fight it is this bill."

Also on STB's list: A proposal to allow high-occupancy toll lanes (carpool lanes that solo drivers can access by paying  a toll) on I-405; a bill that would refund some parking taxes paid by the University of Washington to help the school continue its subsidized UPass program; a bill requiring voters to approve red-light cameras (and requiring a four-second yellow phase) and several bills we've written about before---the vulnerable users' bill, the temporary car-tab tax for transit, a bill allowing cities to more easily reduce speed limits, and the so-called mutual responsibility bill.
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