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Remapping Debate: Seattle As Non-Black As You'd Expect

By Erica C. Barnett February 4, 2011

Remapping Debate has a neat new interactive mapping tool that shows racial diversity---defined, in somewhat limited terms, on the black-Hispanic-nonwhite axes---across the country, down to the Census block level.

Guess what? Seattle's black and Hispanic populations are both small and segregated. I counted just 13 Census blocks (out of hundreds in Seattle) that were more than half black, and just four that were more than half Hispanic; the rest of the city was a sea of pink and red. Or...white.

On this map, red areas are "zero percent black" (a designation I assume isn't literal); pink areas represent gradations (from dark to light) up to three percent black residents; white areas are more than three percent but less than 50; and gray areas are more than 50 percent black. Looking at the map.

Given that Seattle is just over 8 percent black and 5 percent Hispanic, those gray areas represent areas of concentration, i.e. segregation.

What would be more interesting, of course, would be an actual breakdown by race and ethnicity, including Asian/Pacific Islander, white, black, Hispanic, Native, etc. I'd also love to know where the city's LGBT community concentrates other than Capitol Hill. Hopefully that information is coming soon.
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