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Quote of the Day (and Not in a Good Way)

By Josh Feit February 28, 2011

A bill by state Rep. Jamie Pederson (D-43) bill , which has more than 50 cosponsors, legalizes and regulates paid surrogacy—both adding protections to surrogates (such as giving the surrogate full control over all health care decisions during the pregnancy, mandating that she be over 21, and requiring that she have health insurance during the pregnancy, which can be paid for by the couple hiring the surrogate) and to the couple (such as establishing them as the legal parents prior to birth).

For both sides: The bill requires the surrogate and the intended parents to enter into a legal contract.

Despite the hefty support, one Democratic rep---Mark Miloscia (D-30, Federal Way), a progressive Democrat on policy issues like economics (he's a populist), but a social conservative---is hotly opposed.

Miloscia has proposed an avalanche of stalling amendments that read like Modest Proposal-style political satire as a way make a grand case against Pedersen's bill.

One of his 20 amendments reads as follows:
In the interests of full disclosure, the legislature declares in its good judgment that couples who are unable to have children be allowed to enter into womb rental agreements with low income women, lonely military wives, or women with mental illness or disabilities. The legislature endeavors by this act to allow wealthy couples to artificially create children using surrogate woman and sell the babies to wealthy couples for the greater good of Washington state. This act, titled the Baby Selling Act of 2011, will create jobs for women of lesser means and poorer circusmstances.

For the record, the bill requires the surrogate to undergo a mental and health exam.
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