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Seattle Times: McGinn "Open to" Idea of Charter Schools

By Erica C. Barnett February 8, 2011

Mayor Mike McGinn told a panel of educators and education advocates that he'd be "open to" the idea of charter schools in Seattle, the Seattle Times' Politics Northwest blog reports. Charter schools are a hybrid of public and private schools---run by private groups but funded by public taxes. Voters in Washington State have rejected them three times.
During the meeting he organized at City Hall, McGinn also suggested that charters might be a way to attract more students to Seattle's public schools.

It's kind of like the Microsoft Connector bus from Seattle to that company's headquarters, he said, saying he wonders why the city isn't running that as a public service instead.

"I think there's an analogy there," he said.

But McGinn also said afterward that charter schools are just one of a number of education reform ideas he's been discussing with city, business and education leaders.

And he hasn't had much to say about any of them -- although he may down the road.
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