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By Josh Feit February 25, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Seattle Public Schools scandal—the PI's got video.
3) The C is for Crank: What Planned Parenthood cuts will mean for WA State.
4) Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
5) City council members write letter to police guild demanding steroid testing.
6) Things get spicy in the state senate.
7) Another Afternoon Jolt.
8 ) Mike O'Brien as Don Quixote.
9) continues excellent series surveying Seattle cops on why they live where they do.
10) The return of Gil Kerlikowske.
11) More on that city council letter to the cops guild.
12) Monster mashup in Olympia.
13) Why is the Sierra Club smiling?
14) Seattle Human Services Department director plays 20 questions with city council.
15) Erica's on the radio again.
16) What are the Republicans thinking?
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