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By Andrew Calkins February 24, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Erica can be funny sometimes.
3) Josh can be Jewish sometimes.
4) UW sends letter to state legislators detailing effects of proposed higher ed cuts.
5) Longstanding goal of biking community, the vulnerable users bill, passes the state senate today, 43-5.
6) Dino Rossi is doing another one of those infamous foreclosure conferences.
7) Sexy talk on the senate floor, featuring Sens. Baumgartner, Harper, and Prentice.
8 ) The US Air Force announces that Boeing has won the $35 billion tanker contract.
9) Erica crunches the census numbers and provides some context for McGinn's rhetoric about the Seattle police force.
10) Budget cuts could require UW to discontinue crime prevention and other police work on campus.
11) Afternoon Jolt: KC Metro and transit funding.
12) A bill to roll back last year's payday lending reform has stalled in the house and senate.
13) Anand is back as the PubliCalendar editor: send items to [email protected].
14) Afternoon Jolt II: The Real Winners.
15) Hospitals join UW on list of institutions that would be exempt from Seattle's commercial parking tax.
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