1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) MSN ranks Columbia City among the top 10 revitalized neighborhoods in the nation.
3) Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant is contemplating a run for governor.
4) Anand Balasubrahmanyan returns to PubliCola as our PubliCalender Editor!
5) Regular Cola contributor and local nightlife advocate David Meinert writes an op/ed saying SPD officers should be tested for steroids.
6) A financial scandal hits Seattle Public Schools. Josh thinks it's an opportunity for McGinn to take control.
7) A proposed initiative would outlaw battery cages for chickens in the state of Washington.
8 ) Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
9) Jean Godden challenger Maurice Classen writes himself a big check.
10) In their eagerness to promote McGinn's light rail agenda, the Stranger misinterprets his State of the City speech.
11) SeattleCrime.com: Four out of five Seattle cops don't live in the city.
12) Dead bills and undead bills: The good and the bad.
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