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By Josh Feit February 22, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Washington State's public disclosure laws. Nice.
3) Why we need to get serious about drivers who hit and kill or injure bicyclists and pedestrians.
4) "Mancovery," meet The C is for Crank.
5) Nerd alert: Erica breaks down a backgrounder on the Transit Master Plan. She just couldn't wait for the plan itself to be released.
6) She also couldn't wait for McGinn's state of the city speech. Here's her preview.
7) Unions hit state capitol. Nope, not Madison. Olympia. Their agenda? Close corporate tax breaks.
8 ) GOPĀ  in D.C. could add more bad news for state budget in Olympia.
9) Booze news.
10) WA GOP likes Gov. Scott Walker. But not enough to brave any snow.
11) Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
12) Transit advocates in Oly may have to give in on demand for public vote.
13) If the UW gets an exemption on the commercial parking tax, will everyone else want one?
14) Mayor McGinn's state of the city speech.
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