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By Erica C. Barnett February 17, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Erica talks parking with Joel Connelly on KUOW. ...
3) ... And the tunnel veto with John Carlson, and Zipcar tolling and the vulnerable users bill with Ken Schram, on KOMO.
4) In a guest op/ed, State Sen. Sharon Nelson argues that the state's initiative process is in dire need of reform.
5) Two bills supported by Democrats---addressing domestic violence and mortgage foreclosures---move forward in the Senate.
6) LawNerd makes the case that Officer Ian Birk could have been charged for manslaughter in the shooting of Native American woodcarver Ian Birk.
7) Senate Republicans seek to derail Nelson's initiative reform bill with an "amendment filibuster."
8 ) Mayor Mike McGinn makes it official, vetoes three tunnel agreements.
9) The senate transportation committee guts a pay-as-you-drive insurance bill.
10) Seattle Times: In an op/ed, city attorney Pete Holmes argues for legalizing marijuana in Washington State.
11) Two theories about why Roadkill Caucus Democratic state Sen. Steve Hobbs was an insider in this year's budget process.
12) The University of Washington seeks a break on the city’s commercial  parking tax at a time when the department’s budget has increased dramatically.
13) Afternoon Jolt: Today's winner and loser.
14) A new report determines that the city's parks department needs new revenue sources to survive.
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