1) Your daily Morning Fizz
2) City Council lays ground for downtown retailers to go with private park-and-rides.
3) More Fizz: Former Murray staffer joins DC lobbying firm.
4) Bobby Forch makes it official: He's running against Jean Godden for city council.
5) KOMO Kola: Erica's on with Ken Schram re: "The War on Cars."
6) Local blogger and talk radio watchdog Michael Hood writes a 2000 word PubliCola feature on the rise of the newly elected state GOP chair, KVI's Kirby Wilbur.
7) Mayor Mike McGinn says he'll veto deep bore tunnel agreements
8 ) City introduces seven-year Families and Education Levy that would double what the average Seattle family now pays.
9) State teachers union fights Democratic legislators on education bill.
10) Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
11) City responds to Yellow Pages lawsuit.
12) Erica's got the back story on the city's parking rate do over.
13) Lefty legislator gets tough on crime.
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