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AP: Gregoire, Kitzhaber Scrap Expensive Bridge Project

By Josh Feit February 4, 2011

This AP article keeps getting forwarded to me by Mayor Mike McGinn staffers. Hmmm. I wonder if they see some sort of analogy or something.
The governors of Oregon and Washington on Thursday abandoned the proposed design of a new Interstate 5 bridge across the Columbia River after a report said concerns about cost and construction dangers could not be overcome.

Planners spent millions of dollars creating the abandoned design, which was developed to balance concerns about the environment, aviation, security, geology, architecture and other issues.

But a panel of bridge experts and transportation officials said the design, known as an open-web box girder bridge, cannot be improved to mollify concerns about its cost and construction risks. The report calls the design an "impractical and costly alternative" and recommends that it be scrapped.

The study suggests three alternatives that would be cheaper and less dangerous to build, while retaining room for light rail, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
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