The blog for the conservative Washington Policy Center has news on a reinvigorated push by legislators to privatize the state's liquor control system. The bill, planned as a referendum to voters, would require the state to shut down all of the state's stores by July 1st, 2013.  The bill directs the Washington State Liquor Control Board to "Establish criteria for the placement of liquor franchises" by consulting with "cities, counties, towns, schools, churches, and public institutions."

The sponsors—Senators Tim Sheldon (D-35), a conservative Democrat, Phil Rockefeller (D-23), a liberal, and Curtis King (R-14), a moderate Republican—took the mistakes of last November's privatization initiatives—I-1100 and I-1105—into account by prioritizing state and local revenue: "the legislature further intends that the privatization of liquor sales and distribution not result in revenue losses to state or local governments."

That provision, coupled with more limited access to liquor distribution licenses, could smooth over the bill's traction with the public.

Tim Eyman also filed a liquor privatization initiative early this week.
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