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Tacoma News Tribune: White Proposes School District Voting Rights for 14-Year-Olds

By Erica C. Barnett January 31, 2011

North Seattle state Sen. Scott White (D-46) has proposed legislation that would give 14-year-old students the right to vote in school board elections for the district where they live, the Tacoma News Tribune reports, crediting Jason Mercier at the Washington Policy Center. (Sorry, I couldn't find a direct link).

The bill would amend the law that restricts voting to those 18 years and older to say, "Students having attained the age of fourteen as of the date of the election shall be entitled to vote in school board elections for the district in which they are enrolled and in good standing."

Are 14-year-olds clamoring to vote in their local school district elections? Unclear. White---who is the only sponsor of the bill, and who has two young children---did not immediately respond to a message left his cell phone.
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