Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner is running with a piece about KVI going out of business.  Blogger Michael Hood at Blather Watch wrote about it waaaaay back in November.

For those of you who missed it, Brunner  reports: KVI is switching to a music format (oldies), leaving the days of conservative talk behind.

Brunner's piece gives conservatives the mic, and they bemoan the loss of a powerful organizing force for Republicans in the state:
"Talk radio is to a large degree the base of the Republican Party in the way labor is the base of the Democratic Party," said Chris Vance, former chairman of the state Republican Party. "You could go on those shows and you could communicate to the Republican family. It's how Republicans got motivated and organized," he said. "Now it's gone, and it's a very big deal."

Wondering why you've heard of KVI recently? (and this was probably Brunner's news peg for the story, a bit of an oldie itself): Former KVI conservative talk show host Kirby Wilbur beat out Luke Esser as the State Republican Party Chair this weekend.
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