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PubliCola Think Tank

By Josh Feit January 6, 2011

Later this month, we'll be debuting a new PubliCola feature called Think Tank. Stay tuned for more details, but as the name implies, it involves a bunch of smart people.

Here are some of the smart people who are involved:

Phil Bussey, President & CEO, Seattle Greater Chamber of Commerce
Toby Crittenden, Community organizer at the youth political action group, the Washington Bus
State Rep. Deb Eddy (D-48, Kirkland)
John Carlson, Conservative KOMO radio talk jock
Roger Valdez, Research associate at the environmental policy group, Sightline
Lisa Stone, Executive Director at the women's legal center, Legal Voice
Geologic, hip-hop artist with the Blue Scholars
Jon Scholes, Advocacy Director, Downtown Seattle Association
Louise Chernin, Executive Director, Greater Seattle Business Association, the Puget Sound's LGBT business association
Paul Guppy, VP of research at the conservative policy group, the Washington Policy Center
David Rolf, President, Service Employees International Union 775

More names and details soon.
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