The's Strange Bedfellows blog has the latest on a campaign finance a bill (Senate Bill 5021) filed in response to the Moxie Media and Nick Harper controversy in last year's election. The bill would require Political Action Committees to file electronic disclosure reports if they plan to spend more than $5,000, down from the current $10,000 threshold.

The bill, which heard testimony today in front of the Senate Government Operations panel, would require such PACs to disclose their founders as well as committee members:
People testifying in support said the way things are right now it's extremely difficult for citizens to figure out which interests are behind political committees, whether those interests be huge corporations or national labor unions.

"Citizens should not need training from Sherlock Holmes to try to discern (who is behind PACs)," said Craig Salins of Washington Public Campaigns. "It should be transparent."

On Monday, controversial Senator Nick Harper (D-38, Everett) was sworn in amidst unrest within his own party. Today, he "urged his colleagues to strengthen disclosure law" and commented that "there's no question that reform is needed."
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