1) Your Morning Fizz, with smoked salmon.
2) Seattle area Dems are sponsoring a bill to legalize pot and sell it in liquor stores.
3) Another candidate enters the city council race, this time: Former Municipal League head Brad Meacham.
4) Never talk about religion or politics ... or  light rail evidently, when in Bellevue.
5) The Washington State GOP gets a Tea Party activist as its Vice Chair, adding more fuel to debate on direction of the local party.
6) After the city announced higher parking rates, Erica breaks today's news that parking rates might actually come down.
7) Washington is #1 in Bestiality. Well, at least we're not number one in heart attacks (W. Virginia); but it's odd that we're not the nerdiest (Ohio.) A listing of all 50 state's biggest flaws.
8 ) Newly announced city council hopeful Brad Meacham gets tough on the deep bore tunnel.
9) Sensible Washington takes a second shot at their pot legalization initiative.
10) An Arizona ambulance company is bidding on the city's emergency vehicle contract. Doh. The city council voted to boycott Arizona last year.
11) Washington Policy Center's Michael Ennis writes a guest Cola op-ed.
12) House Republicans are proposing a constitutional amendment to put I-1053's two-thirds majority requirement into the state constitution.
13) Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess talks about changes to changes to parking rates.
14) It's time for "Option C" at 619 Western.
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