1) Morning Fizz! (ERICA IS IN A MAGAZINE OMG!!)
2) Extra Fizz: Local celeb Dan Savage gave some words of wisdom to Obama for tomorrow's State of the Union speech.
3) State Rep. Jamie Pedersen's bike bill has been tabled because cyclists can't agree about whether it was good or not.
4) State. Rep. Marko Liias introduced an emergency transit funding bill.
5) Erica trashes the Texas Transportation Institute's finding that Seattle has the tenth worst traffic in the nation...
6)  And then gives props to Jim Camden of the Spokesman-Review for his review of AG Rob McKenna's public records bill.
7) Also, Last Night, Erica made soup and it looks so good and I am so hungry that I'm eating raw noodles out of the box on her desk.
8 ) An anti-abortion group showed up in droves in Olympia to lash out against a bill that would regulate so-called crisis pregnancy centers.
9) City  Council member Jean Godden might have another opponent. Maurice Classen (along with everyone else in Seattle) might be challenging the senior stateswoman.
10) Time to cut the fat: If a bill introduced today by State Sens. Curtis King, Mary Margaret Haugen, and Rodney Tom passes, the state ferry system will have to either cut costs or face privatization.
11) The Downtown Seattle Association is firing back at the City Council for their parking increases. For Seattle Seahawks related rhetoric, click here.
12) Afternoon Jolt: Today's winner and loser.
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