1) Morning Fizz!
2) In brief: the P-I covered the arrest of a man who made threats against Jim McDermott.
3) Michael Taylor-Judd is running for city council.
4) Streetsblog gave mad props to Mike O'Brien and Tim Burgess for their parking rates plan.
5) This race is going to be off the chain: John Creighton v. Jane Hague for King County Council.
6) Dan Bertolet has photo evidence: we're letting down our commitments to being the most walkable city in the nation.
7) The GOP on Gregoire's State of the State: Seizing an opportunity to align themselves with moderate Dems.
8 ) Afternoon Jolt: State Rep. Charles Ross had a zinger today, saying that enviros are prioritizing the environment above the people of the state.
9) Josh posted more on the tragedy from Tuscon: the heartbroken woman who was with nine year old Christina.
10) Spin Control on the Spokesman-Review has the story that the way PCO's are elected in Washington might be illegal.
11) Ian Birk didn't warn John T. Williams that he would open fire before fatally shooting him.
12) A recent Elway Poll says 39 percent support closing tax loopholes.
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