1) Morning Fizz!
2) Extra Fizz!
3) The City Council heard a DOT presentation on tunnel cost overruns and lawsuits.
4) In Olympia, Josh got to pre-screen a Tim Eyman press conference: The government spends too much money! More initiatives!
5) Nick Harper was sworn in after a brief skirmish over the validity of his election.
6) Mike O'Brien took a poke at DOT officials with pointed questions about the tunnel project's financial stability.
7) The Transit Master Plan got an update.
8 ) Andrew Villeneuve strikes back at Tim Eyman with an initiative that would allow the legislature to raise revenue.
9) There's a new toy for transit nerds: a web site with graphs showing monthly ridership, service quality, safety and security, revenue, and service effectiveness across the system.
10) Bertolet puts HugeAssCity on the list of PubliCola's New Year's Resolutions.
11) On KUOW today, McGinn was forced to respond to Josh's editorial.
12) The tunnel contractor's previous project in New York was a design-build contract too—and it went over budget.
13) Afternoon Jolt!: Progressive advocates got the Democratic legislative leadership to go on the record, condemning an all-cuts budget.
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