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Misleading Marketing

By Morning Fizz January 17, 2011

1. PubliCola got itself a cool birthday present (it's our two-year anniversary this week): We bought a new domain name— No more dot net.

It shouldn't affect you. Click on your link, and you'll be directed right here.

However, we did take the opportunity to upgrade the back-end, so you might notice the site is a bit faster.

2. The ACLU of Washington is playing defense on a long list of bills in Olympia this session including: Attorney General Rob McKenna's gang bill, which gives law enforcement elastic leeway when it comes to identifying someone as a gang member; a bill which gives law enforcement the right to take DNA samples on arrest rather than waiting for conviction; and a bill we wrote about on Friday that would prevent defendants in sexual assault cases from exercising their constitutional right to confront their accusers in court.

There are some bills they're happy about, though: a bill to license medical marijuana dispensaries; a bill to legalize marijuana (which they say will raise $380 million in taxes for state coffers); and a bill that would make "limited service pregnancy centers"—anti-choice/pro-life centers that use misleading marketing to talk people out of abortions—disclose what services they do and don't provide.

3. Several Seattle city council members are heading down to Olympia today to push the city's legislative agenda which includes securing emergency funding for Metro buses and saving the disability lifeline. SPD deputy chief Nick Metz already testified at a house budget hearing last week—in full uniform—to protect the program.

4. It's not likely the anti-Seattle tunnel provision will come up, though. The only council member who's addled about the provision, council member Mike O'Brien, is in California on a business trip with his wife—who has a business making fermented vegetables such as kimchi and sauerkraut.

Under the header "Fermented Veggies," O'Brien sent the Fizz an excited email explaining that he was meeting food activist Sandor Katz, an expert on fermentation and the author of The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements.

5. A New York Times editorial this morning calls on broke states to go with a mix of cuts and taxes to deal with the nationwide budget crisis and scolds Governor Gregoire and Washington voters:
In too many states, though — including New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington — voters or governors have rejected higher taxes on high incomes, even though those at the top have experienced a windfall at the federal level.
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