As Seattlest reported yesterday, Christmas Eve marked the end of Ballard resident (and Josh's good friend) Tom Nissley's winning streak on Jeopardy. Tom went home with more than $250,000 after betting big on a question all three contestants missed: "Finding the spot for this memorial caused its creator to say, "America will march along that skyline."

The answer: What is Mount Rushmore? (All three players guessed the Lincoln Memorial.)

Noting that Tom missed his Double Jeopardy question---part of an entire category on gerbils---Seattlest's Allecia writes, "We actually think more of Tom for not being a creepy gerbil expert."

Watch Tom's last "Winner's Circle" interview, in which he reacts to the news that he's the third-highest-winning Jeopardy player ever---here.
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