Today's Morning Fizz was all quotes. Here are some choice quotes we left out, from city council transportation committee chair Tom Rasmussen, who appeared on C.R. Douglas' City Inside/Out program on the Seattle Channel Friday. (Seattle Channel ran footage of last week's entire 90-minute Stranger-sponsored anti-tunnel forum downstairs at Town Hall---which Douglas decided not to moderate because it was one-sided---before Douglas' show. During his show, Douglas re-ran specific clips from the forum  to introduce a 20-minute in-studio interviews with Rasmussen and WSDOT viaduct project manager Ron Paananen).

Here's some of what Rasmussen had to say:

On the possibility of cost overruns:

"Our own experts ... have told us that the state is budgeting this very conservatively and they have provided enough and bonds and contingency to ... cover the unexpected. ... It's suspenders and belts, if you will, on this project. [Additionally], we have said we will not enter into any agreement with the state if the state tries to make us responsible for [cost overruns]."

On Mayor Mike McGinn's outspoken opposition to the project:

"I don't think the mayor has been consistent or honest about this project from day one. He said, when he ran for office, that he wouldn't oppose the project. After he got elected, he's done everything he can to oppose the project and to begin initiatives [to stop it]. So he says one thing out of one side of the mouth and another thing out of the other side of the mouth. He says he's concerned about traffic on the surface, but then he says he preferrs a surface option. ... He doesn't have a plan, he just loves criticism of this project."

On McGinn's statements that the state legislature and Gov. Chris Gregoire can't be trusted on the tunnel:

"I think that he is doing the city a disservice by saying he doesn't trust the governor, he doesn't trust the legislature, and yet we will be depending upon them for many things during this legislative session. How can you say that to the governor, or about the governor, and about the state legislature, and then expect to go down there in about a month or two with a whole list of things the city needs? I don't think he's serving the city well with his obsessive obsession with this project. This is going to have ripple effects in terms of the ability of the city to get things dnoe in Olympia and he is uable to recognize that."

On McGinn's claims that state legislation makes Seattle responsible for paying cost overruns:

"That's an excellent example of where the mayor is misleading people, and you know it. ... His attorney has said it's not enforceable, the city attorney, the attorney general has said it's not enforceable---it is not enforceable. They would have to pass other legislation to make this possible. He is an experienced trial attorney. He has had decades of experience in the courtroom. What he tries to do is create doubt in the mind of the juror, and that's what he's trying to do now. He is a trial lawyer and he's trying his case before the public. He hasn't won---I think he's losing---but he's not only losing in Seattle, he's losing in Olympia. Legislators are saying, 'What's going on with your mayor? He's poking us in the eye.' ... All because of his obsession over this tunnel project."

Contacted for the mayor's reaction to Rasmussen's Friday interview, McGinn spokesman Aaron Pickus said, "The mayor made his views on these topics clear during the forum at Town Hall last week" and sent us a link to the video of that forum.
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