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PI: Gregoire Deals with Conlin Instead of McGinn

By Josh Feit December 17, 2010

Last October, Mayor Mike McGinn said he didn't trust the Governor to protect Seattle against cost overruns on the tunnel.

McGinn has a long history of going against Gregoire—in 2007 he bucked her wishes by helping kill the roads and transit measure, scaring people like Gregoire who felt it was light rail's last chance. At that time, I remember McGinn told me: “We don’t let Olympia tell us what’s possible. We tell Olympia what’s needed.”

He's still fighting his anti-establishment fight, this time against the tunnel, and the PI.com got the governor's response today.
Gov. Chris Gegoire said Friday she hasn't spoken to Mayor Mike McGinn in nearly two months and that when she needs to discuss Seattle issues, she contacts City Council President Richard Conlin.

The governor said she'd had no contact with McGinn since he said in late October that he didn't think Seattle could trust Olympia or Gregoire when it came to the Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel replacement.

"It's too bad that he demeaned the office of the mayor. I don't think that's mayoral. This isn't personal with me. I respect anybody who disagrees with the tunnel. I can understand, and I can respect it, but you don't personalize it. And those of us in elected office don't personalize. I will not lower the office of the governor and personalize anything like that," Gregoire told seattlepi.com.

At PubliCola's debate last night—which featured McGinn and tunnel proponent state Sen. Ed Murray—Murray also spoke about McGinn's relationship with the governor.
It doesn't help when a Democratic mayor of a Democratic city in the press bashes a Democratic governor and a Democratic legislature. Mr. Mayor, you keep making derogatory comments about the legislature. … I think it's time for Seattle to realize that you don't make friends with Olympia unless you start treating us differently. You're making Seattle's ability to move its agenda in Olympia almost impossible.
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