The had a frutiful Q&A with Gov. Chris Gregoire last week. Here's another startling footnote: She's open to liquor privatization.

Gregoire was, in my opinion, the most eloquent spokesperson against the set of privatization initiative earlier this year, boasting about Washington State's top-ranking enforcement numbers (a 94 percent no-sales to minors rating vs. 80 percent in states where booze is available in grocery stores and markets).

Nonetheless, here she is in the PI.
Gov. Chris Gregoire says she she'd consider getting Washington state out of the liquor retail business - but first she wants a better sense of how people feel about privatized booze sales.

"I told the liquor board, I wanted them to do a poll for me and bring me the results. Try and figure out, what were voters saying?... Did they say, 'I don't want a liquor store on every corner of the state of Washington, but I'd really like more convenience at my local Safeway store?'"
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