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By Erica C. Barnett December 29, 2010

1) Your daily Morning Fizz, starring Mayor Mike McGinn.
2) The picks the biggest stories of the year. Josh picks the most overlooked stories.
3) Budget shortfalls at Metro pose tough choices between daytime and nighttime transit.
4) Last night: I read a terrifying story in the New Yorker.
5) Last night: Wes gets Wild boar ravioli at Table 219.
6) Your daily Afternoon Jolt, starring the ACLU vs. pot activists.
7) On other blogs today: The reports on McGinn's efforts to make sure gay clubs aren't being unfairly targeted.
8 ) Want to know what Seattle's delegation is planning for the upcoming legislative session? Come to Liberty tomorrow after work and find out.
9) Health care workers sue state over cuts.
10) The most overreported stories of 2010, according to The C Is For Crank.
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