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By Laura Hawkins December 16, 2010

1) Your daily dose of Fizz.
2) U.S. Sen. Patty Murray does an "It Gets Better" video.
3) Your daily dose wasn't enough? Here, have some more Fizz: Yay top-two primary!
4) Requiem For a Tunnel, by Dan Bertolet.
5) Photo of the Day: It's Getting Hot At City Hall.
6) The Seattle Times: Health advocates say the soda tax should be reinstated.
7) Contrary to popular belief, parking fees in Bellevue are comparable to those in Seattle.
8 ) LawNerd explains why VA. judge's ruling on health care doesn't make sense.
9) Washington ranks fifth among green cities, in terms of transportation planning.
10) The state pharmacy board rejects an attempt to compromise access to emergency contraceptives.
11) Watch PubliCola's tunnel debate live.
12) It's scary being a pedestrian on Rainier Avenue. A new SPD fatality map illustrates the point.
13) Gov. Chris Gregoire's cloud technology fail.
14) UW study: Efforts to reduce driving are best focused on cities.
15) Were they for overruns before they were against them?
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