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On Other Blogs: Jay Inslee's Take On Tax Cuts

By Laura Hawkins December 13, 2010

U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee at Daily Kos explains his opposition to the extension of Bush-era tax cuts now being pushed through Congress. (The House passed tax-cut legislation that excluded the very wealthiest Americans but is expected to extend the Bush cuts once a newly Republican House convenes next year.)

Here's the gist of it:
I understand that an acceptable compromise might include some form of tax cuts for wealthier Americans. But, if we give in on that, then we certainly shouldn't give in on the estate tax, and we shouldn't give in on a payroll tax holiday (which is the keystone in the foundation of our Social Security safety net).

Instead we should be pushing to include money to invest in clean energy technology, education, and infrastructure improvements -- the things we know create jobs right now and put us on the path to economic prosperity.

Because the reality is, even while the Republicans were trying to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage, they want them. They need them. And they know it. But Republicans also know that each time they can convince Democrats to accept the bare minimum, each time they win a one-sided "compromise", we start the next negotiation that much weaker.
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