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Jezebel: Actually, Those Stereotypes Are Offensive Everywhere

By Erica C. Barnett December 30, 2010

Jezebel points out a ridiculously offensive ad that ran in New Zealand for Seattle-based Jones Soda, which includes a Black Sambo, a gap-toothed ginger, a Chinaman, a bomb-wielding Muslim, a dwarf, a girl with Down's syndrome, and... a Mexican wrestler? Honestly, I'm not even sure what all the stereotypes are in this image; I do know, however, that "political correctness" doesn't mean what the makers of this ad think it means.

Here's the text that ran with the ad:

Before you complain, this advertisement has been APPROVED by five lawyers, a child psychologist, a team of multicultural experts, a disability representative, and a safety regulations specialist.
Political correctness in New Zealand is out of hand. When a dwarf has to be referred to as vertically challenged, and the government puts health warnings on everything we consume, something's wrong.

It's time to call a spade a spade and get back to being real. Because a person of "substance" is actually fat. A "sanitation engineer" is really a garbage man. And a person who's "motivationally indisposed" is just bloody lazy. And if you have a problem with that, please send it to [email protected] We promise to read every one before throwing them in the bin, because at Jones Soda we don't really care what anyone else thinks. With eight deliciously inorganic flavours, colours that could only have come from a laboratory and bucket loads of sugar, we're putting the un back into pc.

According to Jezebel, Jones first denounced the ad as a fake, then acknowledged it was a real ad but said it was not approved by Jones' corporate headquarters:

This ad is counterintuitive with Jones Soda's core values of celebrating uniqueness and individuality, and we deeply apologize for any offense it has created.

Unbeknown to us, the ad was created by an advertising agency in New Zealand on behalf of a distribution partner.

Please know this ad was not approved by Jones Soda's corporate, we do not agree with it, and are working on its immediate removal.

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