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Extra Fizz: Congrats McMorris Rodgers

By Josh Feit December 1, 2010

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodger (R-WA, 5), the highest ranking woman in the GOP (she's the Vice Chair of the Republican house caucus), gave birth to a baby girl this morning at about 20 minutes after Midnight.

It's McMorris Rodgers' second kid. (Her Facebook post reports that she's the first member of Congress to give birth twice while in office.)

McMorris Rodgers' first child, Cole, born in 2007, has Down syndrome.

Annoyingly, for my money, that has heightened the Sarah Palin comparisons. It seems you can't be an attractive Republican mom—or a dynamic conservative woman—without immediately being called Sarah Palin.

(That's my grumpy aside.)

I will say, McMorris Rodgers' politics can lend themselves to the Palin comparison. She's a social conservative with a populist, Tea Party-style, small-government agenda.

Anyway, congrats to Rep. McMorris Rodgers, doing her part to increase the numbers of Republicans in this increasingly blue state.
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