Next up in our New Year's resolutions series, a 2011 To Do list from one of 2010's most quotable newsmakers, Clint Didier, the Tea Party candidate who challenged Dino Rossi for the GOP spot in this year's U.S. Senate race.

Didier got 12.76 percent—185,000 votes—to Dino Rossi's 33 percent, coming in a respectable (but not national storyline) third place. Didier then threatened to withhold support from Rossi if Rossi didn't sign off on some Tea Party agenda items (Rossi totally ignored him).

Rossi lost to Democratic incumbent Patty Murray, but not because of any Didier protest; Rossi did better than any GOP candidate nationwide with his Republican base, indicating that the Tea Party didn't have as much traction in Washington state in 2010.

What's a Tea Partier to do in 2011?
New Year’s Resolutions:

I resolve:

To use a football analogy or reference in every single speech, letter or conversation so that people can continue to make fun of me for it;

To continue to praise Sarah Palin as a leader with grit even if it ticks people off;

To be even more earnest, fired-up and angry so that my detractors can tell everyone that “they were right about Didier”;

To keep campaigning against farm subsidies (as I’ve been doing back in Washington D.C. and in national TV interviews), especially those that amount to nothing more than corporate welfare.  I reaffirm my promise never to take any more subsidies, even though it may not that easy since the government tells me I’m “in the system” and they can’t remove me. There’s the chance of automatic credit to my account from the conservation program I participated in (and spent more than 4 times out of my own pocket than the program provided).  But if so, I resolve---no, vow---to donate the money to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

And finally, I resolve never to give up working to get leadership in and for Washington state that honors the Constitution, and works for the PEOPLE---not the Party or corporations. People deserve the fruits of their labors.

I’ll continue to travel the state at my own expense and speak at schools or meeting, from any group on any side of the side– wherever I can carry the message of limited government and freedom. (Go ahead, send me an invitation.) Through our new group,, I’ll work to unite the grassroots and tea partiers, and pass a state “Read the Bills” bill requiring legislators to actually READ them before voting.

And if the state Republicans don’t elect a leader who has a big pair of political “you-know-whats” and is willing to follow the Party’s platform, then I’ll be thinking hard about leaving it for good.

Clint Didier

P.S. I resolve to grit my teeth and not throw things at TV during Seahawks games.—Clint Didier
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