Afternoon Jolt: On His Way Out the Door, Brian Baird Continues to Flip Off Democrats

By Afternoon Jolt December 7, 2010

In the runup to the pending vote on the DREAM Act—which would give young undocumented people a path to citizenship if they serve in the military or attend two years of college—Washington State's Democratic house delegation, under pressure from the immigration rights activist group One America, committed to voting 'Yes.' (The vote is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow.)

The only vote One America couldn't line up? Retiring Rep. Brian Baird's (D-3, Southwestern WA). In fact, despite thousands of phone calls, the group never heard back from him either way on the issue.

However, on the Lars Larson show in Portland, Oregon today, Baird told the conservative talk show host that he planned to vote 'No' on the DREAM Act.

Baird said it was about numbers. He's worried that the U.S. doesn't have the infratructure to accomodate its population growth.

He also said, he supports an end to birthright citizenship, which is part of the 14th Amendment.

Larson tells Baird, he sounds like he's becoming a Republican "Good for you."

Who knows. Baird, according to federal campaign reports, still has $480,000 in his campaign fund.

Just last week, Baird broke with his Democratic House colleagues when he voted against ending Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy.

How very Obama of him.

We have a call in to Baird's office.
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