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2011 Is the New 2010: PubliCola's New Year's Predictions

By Erica C. Barnett December 30, 2010

Our predictions for 2011. Add your own in the comments.

1) Public universities are the new private universities.

2) Dow Constantine is the new Jay Inslee.

3) Patty Murray is the new Patty Murray.

4) Tim Eyman is the old Tim Eyman.

5) Nickelsville is the new Ten-Year-Plan to End Homelessness.

6) The $4.6 billion deficit is the new $2.8 billion deficit.

7 ) Initiative reform is the new tax reform.

8 ) User fees are the new taxes.

9) Cell-phone videos are the new OPA.

10) John Diaz is the new Gary Zarker.

11) Teacher certification is the new student evaluation.

12) Afternoon Jolt is the new Morning Fizz.

13) The tunnel is the new R.H. Thompson Expressway.

14) Mike McGinn is the new Tim Eyman.

15) Civil unions are the new gay marriage.

16) Tim Burgess is the new Mike O'Brien.

17 ) Sharon Nelson is the new Brendan Williams.

18 ) Police accountability is the new cost overruns.

19) "Fewer cars than the Ballard Bridge" is the new "constitutional crisis."

20) Repealing corporate loopholes is the new income tax.
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