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State Sen. Chris Marr Concedes as Dems' Majority Dwindles

By Laura Hawkins November 3, 2010

Sen. Chris Marr (D-6, Spokane) has conceded to Republican candidate Michael Baumgartner, after being walloped this afternoon at 45.9 percent.

Marr was an incumbent D in one of seven pivotal races where the GOP is threatening to undo the Democrats' 31-18 majority.

Democratic candidates are leading in three of the races, which would preserve their majority at 28-22. That's a better count than the 25-seat majority they were potentially looking at after last night's count, sparing them the dangerous situation of counting on conservative Democrat Tim Sheldon (D-35, Potlach). (Sheldon is the Sen. Joe Lieberman of Olympia and could have capsized the Democratic agenda.)

In order to avoid that dilemma, the Ds needed to win at least two of the seven races. Here are the latest numbers in the seven (now six) key races, where the Democratic incumbents are winning in three of the contests now that Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48) has taken the lead after being behind last night.

District 6

Chris Marr (D): 45.9

Michael Baumgartner (R): 54.1

District 30

Tracey Eide (D): 51.1

Tony Moore (R): 48.9

District 41

Steve Litzow (R): 52.2

Randy Gordon (D): 47.8

District 44

Dave Schmidt (R): 49.99

Steve Hobbs (D): 50.05

District 45

Andy Hill (R): 53.1

Eric Oemig (D): 46.9

District 47

Joe Fain (R): 55.7

Claudia Kauffman (D): 44.3

District 48

Rodney Tom (D): 50.6

Gregg Bennett (R): 49.4
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