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By Josh Feit November 3, 2010

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Gov. Gregoire: 1107 tax repeal screws already screwed budget.
3) "Mis-comparisons."
4) Council lists human service programs it intends to restore to McGinn's budget.
5) Erica goes on KUOW and I go on KOMO to debrief about last night's election results.
6) Washington State's conflicted voters.
7) New Murray/Rossi numbers in King County bode well for Murray.
8 ) New numbers in Sanders/Wiggins race slightly favor Sanders.
9) New numbers for I-1100: The liquor privatization measure starts to stagger.
10) A clear mandate ... in the muni court judge races?
11) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
12) Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
13) Dem. state Sen. Chris Marr concedes. Will the Republicans take over the state senate?
14) Record-setting voter turnout in King County.
15) Rossi's path to victory? Weird math.
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