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"No Red Wave in Washington State"

By Josh Feit November 4, 2010

Despite our earlier report about the gains Republicans are making in the state senate, state Democratic Senate Campaign Committee spokesman Chris Gregorich says, "I don't see a red wave in Washington state."

Of the seven seats the GOP went after, four our currently flipping from Democratic to Republican. However, Gregorich says one of the races—state Sen. Randy Gordon vs. Steve Litzow in the 41st District (Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah, Renton)—has an outside shot at reversing course. Gordon, a bit of a lefty for his suburban district, is currently down 52.2 to 47.8 to Litzow, a pro-choice Republican.

Gregorich pointed out that Gordon won 53 percent of the last ballot count and estimates that he only needs to win 52.5 percent of the remaining votes.

The other three Democratic holds—Sens. Steve Hobbs (D-44), Rodney Tom (D-48) and Tracey Eide (D-30)—are on solid ground, the Democrats say. Hobbs is only ahead by 93 votes.

Meanwhile, the GOP has officially won two of the contests—Mike Baumgartner beat Sen. Chris Marr (D-6, Spokane) and Joe Fain beat Sen. Claudia Kauffman (D-47, Kent).

Says Gregorich, "we're going to end up with 27 or 28 seats. That's a solid majority." (The Democrats currently control the senate 31-18. 27 is as low as they can go. If they fall to 26—meaning they lose five of the seven races, they'll be capsized by two conseravtive Dems, Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-37) and Sen. Brian Hatfield (D-19, Raymond), informally putting them in the minority at 24.

The Washington State Republicans wouldn't comment because not all the votes are counted yet.

We have a message into the Litzow camp.

Here's a complete chart of the current status of all the state ledge races, including the house races. This chart only gives the senate 24 seats because they still count Eide, Tom, and Hobbs as up in the air.

The Democrats currently control the state house 61-37 and may fall to 51-40.
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