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Gordon Continues to Gain on Litzow, Dems Could Solidify Hold on State Senate

By Erica C. Barnett November 10, 2010

As of last night, State Sen. Randy Gordon (D-41) had climbed to within 554 votes of Republican challenger Steve Litzow, who led Gordon on election night by a margin of 53 to 47. Over the past four vote counts, Gordon has consistently increased his margin over Litzow---from 52.01% two days after the election to 54.59% in yesterday's count. With about 5,000 votes still outstanding, Gordon needs to win about 55.5 percent of the remaining votes to pull ahead of Litzow.

If Gordon does hold on to his seat, it would give Democrats a 28-member majority in the Senate. As Josh has pointed out, the Dems needed to maintain a majority of 27 members, because at 26, they could be capsized by two conservative Dems, Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-37) and Sen. Brian Hatfield (D-19), informally putting them in the minority at 24. Before the election, the Democrats had a 31-18 majority.

A couple of races in the state house are also up in the air. In the 25th District, incumbent Democrat Dawn Morrell leads GOP challenger Hans Zeiger by 61 votes, a margin of 0.12 percent. In the 30th District, Republican Katrina Asay leads Democrat Carol Gregory by 445 votes, a margin of 1.28 percent. And in the 42nd District, incumbent Democrat Kelli Linville trails her Republican challenger, Vincent Buys, by just 311 votes. Linville, in fact, conceded the race just yesterday---and then rebounded dramatically in last night's vote count, gaining nearly a third of a percentage point. About 1,900 ballots remain outstanding in Linville's Whatcom County.
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