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Tea Party Front Group Hits in State Ledge Elections. Again.

By Josh Feit October 26, 2010

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group founded by billionaire David Koch (the subject of a recent New Yorker exposé on the corporate bankroll behind the Tea Party movement nationally) is working in the background against Democrats at the state level in Washington.

AFP's local affiliate, Americans for Prosperity Washington, is sending out a mailer against State Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Kirkland, Medina, Bellevue).

And much like AFP at the national level, AFPW is not disclosing its donors. Federal rules allow AFP to conceal its donors to federal candidates, but Washington State's rules do not allow non-disclosure at the state level. We have checked the Public Disclosure Commission and AFPW is not registered with the commission. We have also called AFPW.

The Cascade chapter of the Sierra Club has already filed a complaint against AFPW with the PDC about an earlier AFPW mailer against State Sen. Eric Oemig (D-45, Kirkland).  With just a week before election day, PCD director Doug Ellis says staff is still looking into the complaint. The Sierra Club has not yet filed a complaint about the recent hit on Tom.
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