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PubliCola Picks "Yes" on the State Constitutional Amendments

By PublicolaPicks October 16, 2010

PubliCola Picks "Yes" on Senate Joint Resolution 8225

This somewhat arcane constitutional amendment would change the way the state calculates debt. Currently, the state constitution limits how much debt the state can take on.

The change would exclude federal subsidies from counting toward the debt—allowing a new program called Build America Bonds to pay a percentage of the interest on state bonds for infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and other construction projects.

This is a sensible way to increase funding for state infrastructure at no cost to taxpayers.

PubliCola Picks "Yes" Engrossed Substitute House Joint Resolution 4220

HJR 4220 is a legislative response to the shooting of four Lakewood police officers by Maurice Clemmons, a convicted armed robber who was released on bail under a Washington State law that gave the judge in Clemmons' case few better options.

It would allow judges to deny bail to individuals jailed for offenses punishable by life in prison who have a proven propensity for violence. Currently, Washington State judges may only deny bail for suspects up for aggravated murder; this amendment gives them another tool to protect the public from potentially violent criminals.

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