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People Who Dislike the Mayor's Policies on Cars

By Morning Fizz October 18, 2010

1. Our coverage of last night's Patty Murray/Dino Rossi debate—with Rossi on the attack—is here.

2. Fizz is scratching its head about a campaign mailer that's in the field right now. The front-side features a startling picture of a car crash scene—"Some People aren't Responsible Users of Alcohol..."

Hmmm. Is it an ad against the alcohol privatization measures?

Flip it over and it's 34th district state Rep. candidate Mike Heavey letting you know he "struggled with alcohol addiction" in college, and he doesn't support the privatization measures, and "regardless of what happens with these initiatives" the legislature is going to "enact reforms around liquor sales," and so you should vote for him because he works with addicted youth.

It's an elaborate, distracting pitch that left the Fizz a little fuzzy.

3. The Fizz hears that Mayor Mike McGinn is asking people who are heading  out to Suncadia for this week's Seattle Chamber of Commerce conference to drop by and contribute to a mayoral office fundraiser at the Suncadia home of McGinn's chief of staff Julie McCoy and his chief campaign consultant, Bill Broadhead.

A pro-tunnel business lobbyist who's not planning to attend McGinn's gig quips: "Pretty ironic: Drive 80 miles East out to Kittitas County to collect bucks from people who dislike the mayor’s policies on cars."

4. Speaking of driving East, east, Fizz was out on the Maple Valley Highway and Issaquah-Hobart Rd., this weekend, traveling out to Black Diamond and Maple Valley and Newcastle—Southeast King County.

Two observations—one surprising, one not. Lots of Rossi signs and no Murray signs. (That makes sense—Rossi used to be a state senator from Sammamish.) But surprise, lots of Suzan DelBene's turquoise signs and just one U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert sign. (DelBene is the Microsoft Democrat running against the three-term congressman.) This is the south portion of Reichert's 8th U.S. congressional district that's supposed to lean his way—Republican.

Could the momentum be shifting in a race that currently has Reichert way ahead? (Nate Silver has Reichert  at 54.9 to 43, and DelBene with just 6.2 percent chance of winning.)

Last week, Reichert launched an anti-DelBene web site. And the latest campaign finance reports, released last week, show that DelBene donated $250,000 to her campaign this quarter. She's either an eternal optimist, or she knows something we don't know.

5. We published a few more endorsements this weekend—"yes" on the King County charter amendments; "no" on I-1082, the workers' comp initiative; "no" on I-1107, the soda tax repeal; and "yes" on the state constitutional amendments.

And on Friday, we came out against both liquor privatization measures.

And don’t forget about PubliCola’s 32 No-Brainer picks (including our Patty Murray, Joe Fitzgibbon, and Charlie Wiggins endorsements, and our anti-1053 endorsement).

More to come.
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