1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) In a curious turn of events just four weeks before the election, Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray heaps praise on GOP U.S. Rep. Dave Riechert   at the WCV annual breakfast fundraiser.
3) Enviro think tank Sightline releases a report: Biking isn't doing so hot in Seattle, compared to other Northwest cities.
4) Another No-Brainer: PubliCola Picks Joe Fitzgibbon in the 34th Legislative District.
5) Rossi raised $4.4 million this quarter.
6) Parking Rates are going up to $6 in San Francisco. Erica's Take? Chillax, Seattle.
7) Erica is on a rampage. Soda is bad. If Bloomberg wants to ban food stamps from buying soda, then make it so!
8 ) Yesterday, we had two losers. Today: two winners. Your daily Afternoon Jolt.
9) Another No-Brainer:  PubliCola picks Charlie Wiggins for state Supreme Court.
10) One city union ratifies COLA reduction.
11) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
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