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By Chris Kissel October 6, 2010

Your daily Cola roundup:

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Murray and Rossi reach an agreement on Debate No. 2.
3) Opensecrets says Murray gets second-most lobbyist contributions of anyone in the senate.
4) Bertolet on saintly Copenhagen's flirtation with the dastardly deep-bore tunnel.
5) PubliCola is looking for a few good interns.
6) Poll: Voters not so hot on taxes these days.
7) Hedge fund manager is big spender on secretive anti-Murray group.
8 ) Naming names. Who, exactly, are Murray's big lobbyist donors?
9) Some crazy people wandered into our office this afternoon, screaming about liquor. We talked it out and they left peaceably.
10) Another PubliCola "No-Brainer": Vote Yes on green retrofits for schools.
11) Last Night: Erica makes a nice cabbage soup.
12) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
13) Your daily Afternoon Jolt. Today's winner and loser.
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