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Commission Recommends Forwarding Moxie Media Case to Attorney General

By Josh Feit October 28, 2010

The trick play by Democratic consultant Lisa MacLean and her firm Moxie Media to set up a fake conservative political committee to attack moderate state Democratic Sen. Jean Berkey (D-38, Everett) during the primary has been forwarded to the Attorney General.

The issue isn't the committee itself, but how it was funded. A trail of emails in the Public Disclosure Commission report show that Moxie secured funding commitments from the a trial lawyers political committee, a state employees union, and the Washington State Labor Council's committe, Don't Invest in More Excuses, or DIME PAC, but tried to to shield public disclosure of those contributions from the public.

The Everett Herald, which has dogged the story, reports that the commission forwarded the case to the AG rather than going with a deal to have Moxie pay a $30,000 fine to resolve the issue.

PubliCola broke the story about Moxie's cryptic funding in August.

UPDATE: Lisa MacLean released a statement this afternoon. She says in part:
"I am disappointed that this matter was not fully and finally resolved today. I look forward to working with the Attorney General's office to resolve this matter.

This complex situation, involving significant legal ambiguities, will not—and should not—be tried in the court of public opinion."
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