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Working to Turn Out Conservative Voters

By Morning Fizz September 29, 2010

1. We've written before about how the measures on the ballot this year—the soda tax repeal, the insurance privatization measure, and mostly Tim Eyman's initiative to restore the two-thirds legislative majority rule on tax increases—are stacked in favor of conservatives and will work as a GOTV (get out the vote) engine for Republicans such as Dino Rossi on election day.

Now, the Fizz hears that liberals too will be working to turn out conservative voters. The Dem-and-union-backed anti-I-1100 campaign (I-1100 will privatize liquor stores) reportedly sees suburban evangelicals as an ally in their fight against liquor expansion and is trying to rally that conservative bloc to vote.

2. It was buried in Erica's long report on Mayor Mike McGinn's budget on Monday, so you can't be blamed for missing it. In fact, city council member Tim Burgess, the council's opposition leader (as in opposition to Mayor McGinn), missed it too.

The Fizz ran into Burgess at an event on Monday night and Burgess' jaw hit the floor when we noted one of the mayor's budget items: children under 13 would be subject to collections for unpaid library fines.

Burgess, and state Rep. Reuven Carlyle—who was also at the event—quickly formed an ad hoc committee pledging to defend the children against collection agencies.

3. After losing his top legislative aide, Rob Gala, to the city's lobbying shop (which is largely under Mayor McGinn's purview)—an irony we noted when Gala quietly announced the news during the middle of the Conlin-McGinn flap—Richard Conlin, the Fizz hears, has hired back former longtime staffer Sara Nelson.

Nelson was Conlin's lead back in the days when he headed up the fight against the monorail.

4. Dino Rossi spokeswoman Jennifer Morris and Patty Murray spokeswoman Julie Edwards both showed to PubliCola's NerdHour at the Five Point Cafe in Belltown yesterday after work. And while there were no fisticuffs, we certainly had trouble getting them to pose for a picture together.

We did get this shot (sorry for the iPhone quality) of Morris (left) and Washington State Democratic Party spokeswoman Sadie Weiner (right), though:

Rossi spokeswoman Jennifer Morris (left) and Democratic Party spokeswoman Sadie Weiner (right).

And Murray spokeswoman Edwards did poke her head into this shot (far right):

All in all, a great time. Thanks everyone for coming out. And thanks again to the Five Point for hosting.
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