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We Simply Do Not Have the Luxury of Being Purists

By Morning Fizz September 2, 2010

1. The rumor we've been hearing lately is that Mayor Mike McGinn, whose bomb-throwing ways have made him unpopular with the Seattle establishment, only plans to serve one term, relinquishing office after trying to get as much of his green urbanist agenda passed in four years as he can.

Asked point blank by Erica yesterday if there was any truth to the rumor, McGinn laughed and said, "I am focused now on doing the best job I can in the time I have. The office belongs to the city, not to any one person."

2. Incumbent U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen (D-2, Northwest Washington) who finished in second place against Tea Party favorite John Koster in the primary—losing 42.18 to 42.02—picked up an endorsement from Diana McGinnes, one of two Democrats who challenged Larsen from the left in the primary.

McGinnes, a fraud investigator, finished with 6.01 percent of the primary vote. Another progressive who took on Larsen in the primary, Larry Kalb, g0t 4.35 percent of the vote and a Republican, John Carmack, got 4.35.

McGinnes' endorsement statement is here. And here's an excerpt:
Today, however, we must get behind Rick Larsen to re-elect him. Rick is not what we want him to be and he will not vote the way we want him to vote on many issues, but he will vote on many issues that are important to us. Above all else, we must retain control of the House and Senate. Not a single Democratic bill will see the light of day for the next two years--probably longer--if that control is lost. We simply do not have the luxury of being purists. There are too many who still need help - even it if is watered down help in the attempt to get the votes needed to pass a bill.

3. Long-shot King County Council candidate Diana Toledo hasn't racked up the kind of establishment endorsements that her opponent, state Sen. Joe McDermott, has amassed, but she does have one solid constituency: Animal-welfare activists, several of whom make an appearance on her endorsements list.

Yesterday's addition: Serenity Equine Rescue, a horse-welfare organization, called Toledo a "true friend to the animals" in a glowing endorsement letter. Before she was laid off due to county budget cuts, Toledo headed up the county's animal cruelty investigations program.

4. David Flaherty, CEO of the polling firm Magellan Strategies, confirms that Magellan has been doing polling in the Seattle area for a "private client," but declined to share any further information about who that client might be.

Fizz's best (if obvious) guess: Dino Rossi. A PubliCola reader reports the survey asked about the Rossi-Murray Senate race, along with topics like health-care reform, immigration, and "job-killing" cap and trade.

5. City ethics and elections commission director Wayne Barnett prevailed yesterday afternoon in his case against municipal court judge candidate Ed McKenna, who wanted to refer to his opponent, incumbent judge Edsonya Charles, in his voters' guide statement.

In a 6-0 vote, the commission upheld Barnett's decision to deny McKenna's appeal, prohibiting McKenna from referencing Charles' low King County Bar Association ranking.
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