PubliCola Polling Roundup

By Bryce McKay September 7, 2010

According to several polls in Congressional races that came out today, the upcoming midterm election isn't looking good for Democrats.

Three key Senate races are trending toward the Republicans. In California, Carly Fiorina (R) has pulled ahead of incumbent Barbara Boxer (D). Rasmussen Reports has Fiorina up by a single point.

In Nevada, Tea Party challenger Sharon Angle is running neck-and-neck with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: According to Rasmussen, they're tied 45-45.

And in ultra-liberal Delaware, GOP candidate Mike Castle is ahead of Democrat Chris Coons by eleven percent. According Real Clear Politics' survey of recent polls, Castle has been way out in front for months now.

The House of Representatives doesn't look much better for the Dems. According to a Gallup poll from Friday, although Americans are more inclined to say they support the Democratic Party, they're more likely to vote for  Republicans. Gallup asked the following question:
Suppose you had a choice among each of the following four types of candidates for Congress. Which one would you be most likely to vote for -- [ROTATED: a Republican who is currently serving in Congress, a Republican who has not served in Congress, a Democrat who has not served in Congress, (or) a Democrat who is currently serving in Congress?

And their findings? "Overall, a majority of Americans prefer a Republican candidate (regardless of experience) to a Democrat, 53% to 40%."

More on those contradictory findings from Ezra Klein here.
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