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By Chris Kissel September 30, 2010

PubliCola continued its war on fun today with 14 posts about bicycle infrastructure, tax initiatives, and county budgets. Seriously, the nerdiness must be at an all-time high. Look at the titles of these posts:

1) Dispatches from Last Night’s City and County Budget Hearings
2) Why All the Outrage Over Bike Boxes?
3) Judge Says BIAW Mishandled Membership Money
4) Murray vs. GOP on the Sales Tax Deduction
5) Last Night: Josh reads a magazine.
6) PubliCola Hosts Workers’ Comp Debate
7) Murray Earmarks Go to Former Aides
8 ) Author of Insurance Privatization Initiative Opposes It
9) PubliCola News Intern Needed
10) County Agreement: No Raises for 6,000 Union Employees
11) Study Shows Hope for Seattle Bike Infrastructure
12) City Horses Not Destined For Glue Factory
13) "The Piggy Bank is Broken": Last Night’s County Budget Hearing
14) Tech Industry Group Opposes High-Earners’ Income Ta
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