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By Chris Kissel September 24, 2010

1) Your daily Morning Fizz. Sound Transit budget disaster.
2) Bertolet takes on the armchair tunnel experts.
3) ECB visits a retirement home for computers in SODO.
4) Josh has been snooping around in Jimmy Carter's diary.
5) Erica's intitial report on the McGinn/Conlin standoff story. This was actually yesterday, but it's the context for Erica's mad reporting today:
6) The first highlights from Mayor McGinn's press conference.
7) McGinn and Conlin square off over whether Conlin broke the law.
8 ) What's the City Attorney got to say about all this? Not too much.
9) Could Conlin's move actually  be good for tunnel opponents? Yes. Cary Moon tells PubliCola.
10) Conlin says the council's got his back.
11) Afternoon Jolt: Josh and Erica take sides on McGinn v. Conlin
12) Conlin staffer moves upstairs to McGinn's office. Nice timing.
13) Jaime Herrera lays a flub on top of a gaffe.
14) Josh is answering election questions on some hipster website.
15) The Olympian's editorial board: Krugman for the masses.
16) Stephen Colbert on Capitol Hill.
17) We're sorry. Our comments system is kinda messed up.
18) Tacoma Federal Court: Air Force fails to prove that Margaret Witt's  sexual orientation (Good God, she's a lesbian!!!) got in the way of her unit's morale.
19) BikeNerd tours a big nerdy trade show, via the internet.
20) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
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