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By Erica C. Barnett September 14, 2010

1) Your daily fix: Morning Fizz.
2) Dan Bertolet: "Moving towards carbon neutrality is no longer a technical problem. It is a political problem."
3) Small business lending bill gets green light with 61 votes. Murray camp does victory lap.
4) WCV lobbyist Cliff Traisman: “I met with the governor’s staff, and my prediction is the talks will not reach an agreement."
5) City Council moves ahead with commercial parking tax increase.
6) Last Night: Josh listens to some weird dub. Charles Mudede likes this.
7) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
8 ) Your daily winners & losers: Afternoon Jolt!
9) PubliColaTV: Congressional candidate Denny Heck critiques the financial reform bill—from the left.
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