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By Bryce McKay September 13, 2010

1) Morning Fizz!
2) John Koster is (surprise!) cozying up to the Tea Party. He answered "yes" to all twenty questions on the "Liberty" questionnaire circulated by Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty organization.
3) And in a huge score for Koster, the hot Tea Party candidate got endorsed by the Everett Herald.
4) Last Night, Josh heard some bad blues. Sad.
5) Rossi's people got back to us to answer one of the follow-up questions we had from his Seattle Times editorial board interview. Rossi outlines billions in taxes for the Health Care Reform Bill.
6) Last Night (2!), Josh Cohen played some putt-putt at a mad scientist-themed course—including a golf ball cannon. Seriously.
7) The Bellevue City Council meeting tonight is gonna be off the chain. Seriously. Watch out for that light-rail consulting goodness.
8 ) Last Night (3!!!), Erica C. Barnett was in Baltimore. And she checked out a sweet used bookstore.
9) Tim Burgess sat down with us to discuss the fatal police shooting of John T. Williams.
10) Josh has a series of hard-hitting follow-ups for our two candidates for Senate after their sit-down with the Seattle Times' Editorial Board.
11) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
12) Afternoon Jolt!
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